• Sample Management Innovation on Tour
    Sample management solutions from Ziath.

Sample Management Innovation on Tour

Aug 08 2022

Sample management specialistsZiathannounce they will be exhibiting their latest DP5 range scanners and readers at most major laboratory and automation events across Europe over the next few months.

Highlights of products on show will include the new Handheld 3 device to directly interrogate your sample inventory database directly from the freezer, the new Uno and Duo convenient low-cost single tube readers and the Mohawk/Mirage combination sample picking and verification station.

These innovative sample management products will be on show at Lab Days Copenhagen and the Nordic Biobanking Symposium in Gothenburg (both 6th - 8th September), the ELRIG-FR automation village at Forum Labo in Lyon (19th -20th September) and at WOTS 2022 in Utrecht (27-30th September 2022).

10月4日至5日,SLAS/ELRIG药物发现在伦敦的Excel中心和10月27日至28日在桑坦德举行的西班牙国家生物银行展,参观者将能够另外看到LUX -一种新的便携式全机架条形码阅读器。LUX可以在一秒钟内扫描和解码96孔的2D条形码管架,并将数据通过无线方式直接发送到您的笔记本电脑、平板电脑或手机。

For full details of Ziath’s exhibition schedule for 2022 please contact the company.

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