• Innovative Ultra-compact Czerny-Turner Spectrometer Showcasing at WWEM 2022
    SilverBullet -控制板和SMA连接器。

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Innovative Ultra-compact Czerny-Turner Spectrometer Showcasing at WWEM 2022

Aug 08 2022

AP Technologies is pleased to announce they will be demonstrating OtO Photonics’ innovative ‘Bullet-series’ spectrometers on stand H02 at WWEM this October.

Bullet spectrometers bring the sensitivity and resolution advantages of the classic Czerny-Turner cavity design but replace the conventional arrangement of separate collimator and focussing mirror with a single complex concave reflector design.

The design of the Bullet series enables a significant reduction in the overall size of the spectrometer - as small as 36mm x 40mm x 25mm (~36cm³ ) including connectors and control board.


All Bullet series spectrometers are based on 8051 microcontrollers which allow for short integration time, fast readout, highly accurate trigger timing and low power consumption. Power and control is via USB with the addition of six I/O pins for connecting external devices.

As with all of OtO’s spectrometers the Bullet series spectrometers are supplied with their SpectraSmart spectral measurement software and a full Software Development Kit.

SilverBullet is initially available with three standard spectral ranges, 180-850nm, 200-850nm and 300-1100nm and a choice of 25µm, 50µm and 100µm slit width. Resolution ranges from 3nm to 15nm FWHM dependent upon the wavelength range and slit width selected.

RedBullet covers the range 900nm to 1700nm with a 50µm slit width giving resolution of <15nm FWHM across the full range.

To see the new Bullet series spectrometers visit AP Technologies on H02 at WWEM.

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