• Big Anniversary Celebrates 100 years in precision Monitoring Technologies
    Anton Paar celebrates 100 year anniversary (Picture credits: Anton Paar / Kanizaj / Scheriau)

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Big Anniversary Celebrates 100 years in precision Monitoring Technologies

Jul 21 2022

This year marks a century of Anton Paar and during June guests from all over the world came together to celebrate the success of this monitoring technologies specialist.

Founded in 1922 by Anton Paar, the company began as a small, modest and traditional machine shop based in Heinrichstraße, Graz, with a few hand-operated machines. Over the course of its 100-year history, the company has developed from this one-man machine shop into a measurement technology group with over 3,700 employees worldwide. Today, the company is a global market leader in the fields of density and concentration measurement, rheometry and CO2measurement.

该公司的历史以好奇心、创造力和主动性为特征——从Anton Paar本人、他的女儿Gretl Platzer (Styria的第一位女机械大师)、女婿Ulrich Santner(将传统公司与创新研究结合在一起),以及女婿Friedrich Santner(将Anton Paar发展成为今天的国际成功公司)开始。

为了突出这一独特的故事,该公司邀请了世界各地的全体员工,以及来自政界、商业伙伴和家族朋友的代表,参加在Stadthalle Graz举行的为期一周的活动。来自亚洲、美洲、澳大利亚、非洲、欧洲的2700多名员工参加了在奥地利举行的活动,其中很多人是第一次来到Styria。“我想感谢大家的到来。我特别高兴的是,有这么多来自世界各地的员工前来与我们一起庆祝。这让我感到骄傲和感激,”首席执行官弗里德里希·桑特纳博士说。

During the week a diverse, colourful supporting program was arranged, from hands-on workshops and product trainings to sight-seeing tours and food-trucks. Employees from a wide variety of countries provided an entertaining evening with their performances and people danced to Egon7 until late into the night. "The picture at Stadthalle was a very special one – exuberant celebrations, a joyful togetherness of different people and cultures. This diversity is beautiful and also, to a certain extent, what our company is all about," described main organiser Maria Santner.

The big celebration in the Graz Stadthalle was the highlight of the anniversary year, but much more is on offer, such as the exhibition ‘exakt! The world of Anton Paar‘ at Graz Museum.

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