• Powerful OEM-IMS Module
    The MaSaTECH OEM-IMS Module is a powerful analytical instrument.

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

Powerful OEM-IMS Module

Jun 30 2022

TheMaSaTECHOEM-IMS Module is a powerful analytical instrument. The module is ideal for users who wish to integrate IMS into their solution. The OEM Advanced Ion mobility spectrometer offers wide range of setups, and is ideal for users who are interested in a powerful analytical instrument with integration requirements. The OEM-IMS Module presents all the advantages of the ion mobility spectrometry technique. All operation parameters are fully adjustable by the user, making this instrument suitable for integration to various analytical applications, as well as for clean room monitoring in the semiconductor industry.

The OEM IMS is able to operate in atmospheric and subatmospheric pressure conditions. All parameters, such as the shutter grid pulse width and period, drift field intensity, aperture grid electric potential, temperature and many others can be controlled. AIMS parameters can be setup by the user. The instrument can be used for industry applications as well as for laboratory research. The IMS is controlled by MaSaTECH software, which allows users to manage all OEM IMS parameters. MaSaTECH’s software source code is open and can be modified by the user.

The instrument is primary dedicated for real time monitoring of Total Acids, Ammonia, Siloxane, volatile organic compounds and interface as a GC detector.


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